Towing In Style

Because we build each boat trailer to order, we are able to truly customize a trailer to our customer’s desired look and functionality. We offer numerous options, accessories, paint colors and aluminum wheel choices allowing our customers to pick and choose their trailer design. Each Loadmaster Trailer (for freshwater use) is painted in house so we can mix all the tints here to create an infinite range of color options.

More and more of our customers are choosing to upgrade to aluminum wheels as well. Our tire and wheel supplier updates their wheel inventory frequently which enables our customers to create and manipulate the overall look of their Loadmaster: either classy, sporty, rugged, strong, etc. The visual effect of an aluminum wheel choice on a boat trailer is quite astounding.

Many customers are also interested in creating a custom lighting package, unique to their trailer. We are now working with an awesome, high end light manufacturer that has created submersible lights that are second to none! I’ve been left speechless at how awesome some of the custom lighting packages we have created with our customers have turned out! They really do set a statement!

These are just a few examples of ways to transform a boat trailer into a statement piece! Not only do our trailers tow wonderfully smooth, allow you to load and launch your boat with easy and create proper storage and stability for your boat, but they look pretty sweet while doing so!