Personal Water Craft (PWC)
Jet Ski Trailers

To properly transport multiple personal watercraft, you need a trailer that perfectly supports the hulls of your crafts and provides you with the easiest loading and launching experience possible. At Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD, we will custom-build you an awesome PWC or PWC/Boat combination trailer that is perfect for your towing needs to ease the transporting of your jet skis!

PWC and PWC/Boat Combination Trailers

Whether you require a two-PWC trailer, a six-PWC trailer or a trailer that can carry all of your PWCs and another boat, Loadmaster will examine your cargo and all manufacturers’ requirements in order to construct the specific frame and bunking configurations required to transport your crafts for any length of distance. Why bring more than one tow vehicle on vacation just to get your toys to the lake? Let us combine your boats on one trailer to save you time, money and headache! We can even design a flatbed platform in the front to tie down a 4-wheel, snow mobile or any other items you want to travel with you!

Ease of Loading and Launching

Your awesome PWC trailer design will allow your crafts to be driven on and off the trailer. This requires a specific arrangement of frame construction, bow stop/winch stands, as well as the proper bunking; which are all unique to each trailer. We will also take care to ensure that the PWCs closest to the front of the trailer can get to the proper water depth so that they can simply float off the trailer when required, which may necessitate a tongue extension. Want to make the trailer shorter? If so, we can mount the skis sideways on the trailer if needed, however this arrangement makes it very challenging to power your ski on the trailer, not to mention that it’s pretty tricky to have a winch stand. Our sales reps will work with you individually to design every angle of the trailer to suit your boating lifestyle!

Custom PWC Trailer Options

All of our trailers come with a range of standard features, but we also offer a variety of options to make your custom trailer truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Custom painting for freshwater usage
  • Hot-dip galvanized for saltwater use
  • Add structural walkways for easy craft access
  • Front storage boxes for life jackets, anchors, and accessories
  • Custom lighting options
  • Numerous aluminum wheel styles
  • Walkways, brake options, power tongue jacks, and More

For a personal watercraft trailer that fits your crafts’ hulls and towing requirements perfectly, call or contact Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD today. You can reach us by calling or use the form on the right to receive a fast quote for your custom PWC trailer by email.