Stack/Search & Rescue Trailers

Each Loadmaster stack trailer is built to order for the application it requires. You will work one on one with our staff to design each aspect of the trailer to best suit your needs. The large majority of our stack trailers are built for fire departments or search and rescue teams, however, they can be designed for other uses as well, however, we do not build stack trailers for vehicles. Our goal is to create the perfect trailer so you can launch your boats as quickly as possible and utilize it in the most efficient way possible. Please call us at 800-258-6115 to discuss our custom stack trailers.


Custom Trailer Options
In addition to a wide range of standard features and configurations, such as a mig-welded C-channel steel frame, radial wheels and a heavy-duty tongue jack(s), all of our custom boat trailers come with a variety of options to help your trailer meet your unique towing needs.

  • Custom Painted for Freshwater Use
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized for Use in Saltwater
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Disc Brake Options
  • LED Lights, PVC Side Guides, Winch Stand Spotlights, and More

For a fast quote on a custom trailer that fits your exact boat and hauling requirements, please call Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD  or use the handy form on the right to receive a quote by email.

Hydraulic Tilt and Stack Trailers

Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD provides custom hydraulic trailers for customers who prefer the added ease of towing more than one boat at a time or for those launching in less than normal conditions. We have built hydraulic/tilt trailers for search and rescue boats and more! We can build both hinged stack trailers and single place trailers to allow you the flexibility of towing more than one boat. Many fire stations have utilized our stack trailers for towing two Zodiaks, kayaks, or rescue vessels as well.

All Loadmaster trailers are constructed out of the highest-quality C-channel steel and are specifically built according to your boats’ design and all manufacturers’ recommendations. The result is a hydraulic trailer that is unique and one that will support the hull of your craft(s) during transport for short or long hauls. At Loadmaster, we specialize in designing a trailer to suit your towing style and boating needs, as well as the launching conditions where you use your boats. We can arrange for the top rack of our hydraulic trailers to touch the ground when lowered, allowing you to off-load the top vessel with ease!

The key benefits to our trailers lie in the specific bunking configurations and framework that keep your craft supported, as well as the axles that are placed according to your craft’s center of gravity. The result is a safer, more secure trailering experience, even for the rarest of situations.

Choose From a Variety of Hydraulic Boat Trailer Options
While all Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD trailers come with a set of standard features, we also offer a number of hydraulic boat trailer options to further enhance the customization process.

  • Custom painted for freshwater use
  • Galvanized for saltwater usage
  • Single or double hydraulic cylinders
  • Treated lumber, carpeted bunks, or slippery bunk glides
  • Forward or rear-loading capabilities
  • Winch stand with spotlights
  • Midway turn signals
  • Painted or Aluminum Diamond Plated toolboxes
  • Tongue extensions

Let us work with you one-on-one to ensure that your hydraulic/tilt trailer is constructed exactly to your specifications and needs. Please give one of our friendly staff members a call today for a fast, personalized quote or you can use the form on the right to receive a quote by email.