“We have our boat loaded now on the new trailer. Your company nailed it! It fits great, just a minor adjustment with the winch. We appreciate the top notch service and quality from your company.

Have a great day!”

-Marlin and Diane Bird

Custom boat trailer testimonial

“Thank you so much for a great trailer and the excellent service. The trailer looks top notch with the Formula, the colors you suggested turned out to be spot on. We had a 40 mile trip after swapping the trailer and it trailers great. Dawn and I would also like to thank you for the Put In Bay suggestion, we had a beautiful day over there and a nice evening at Twin Oast Brewing, good call on the fish tacos. Also pass along a thank you to Jim who stopped out Saturday when we were hooking up. It is great to know there are still companies out there that manufacture a great product and have the service to go with it. Thank you again.”

-Dan & Dawn B.
FOrmula Speed Boat and Trailer

“I just wanted to let you guys know the Sea-Doo’s fit perfectly on the trailer.  I am truly impressed with the quality of the trailer!”
Thanks again,

-John R
Three Sea-Doo watercrafts on a trailer

“I researched all trailer makers when I purchased my Regal 3060 Window Express. I am very pleased that I checked all the rest and bought the best. My loadmaster has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend without reservation.”

-Dan P.

“First, would like to say WOW, the trailer is great…received many compliments during my fuel stops.  Loved the fact that you were able to build it specifically for my legally oversize boat.  The yellow lights and flag holders made setting up for towing oversize seem like kids play.  Throughout my trip, I had several state troopers and local cops pull up behind me then alongside and keep going.  No issues whatsoever as it appeared they were appreciating the boat and trailer combo. I have no doubt it will be my lifetime trailer, or at least until we move to the next larger size boat.”

-Iggy V.

“I got about 4,000 miles in 2 months on new trailer. I love it and thanks for great service and product.  My brother and friends are jealous for sure.”

-David B.

“I would like to thank you and your team very much for the new trailer! It shows excellent workmanship and works great! I am glad that I choose your company; everything else probably would have been a unsatisfying compromise.” -Bernd W.

“The trailer works great! It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. I admire your attention to detail on the design and fabrication quality. We towed the trailer behind a 1-ton pickup truck at 60 mph very comfortably for 10 hours, checking the trailer (lug nuts, tie downs, etc.) at every rest area and fuel stop. I doubt that I will need another boat trailer in my lifetime but if I do I’m call you. Thanks again and God bless!”

-David H.


“Trailer is Awesome! I especially enjoy loading the boat by myself at the ramp with ease while the fishermen in the other lanes struggle to get their boats on straight.”

-Matt L.img_2906

“Thank you for the amazing trailer. Exactly what I wanted.  You exceeded expectations. Rides better than my myco did!  As I said this trailer is amazing and thank you very much for working with me and my tight deadline!”

-James W.image1-1 

“When I received my trailer several years ago, you asked for a picture with the boat and trailer.  The boat was under construction at the time but it is finally near completion so I am forwarding the attached picture.  The trailer fit perfectly and is a joy to load and tow.”

“A perfect fit the boat pulls so much better on this trailer it is amazing!! Thank you all so much! Loadmaster rocks!!!”
-Gene N.img_0512

“I purchased a trailer from you folks for my Ranger boat and am very happy with it’s performance. Thank you for a fine product.”
-Jerry M.

“Dear Megan and the Loadmaster crew:
A few days ago we received our new sailboat at a small port just outside Montreal. We are now driving her back to Saskatchewan. The trailer is working very well. We are encountering very high winds today and the trailer with load is handling the adverse conditions very well. We feel secure and safe.”
-Terry & Sheila H.

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful looking trailer!!! It is awesome!!! I hope the trailer doesn’t look better than the boat I’m building!!!! Ha ha great job!!!”
-Will M.


“Wow ! I have more room than what I had with last trailer ! Don’t have to turn the motor and still have more room up front. I feel privileged to have a trailer made from all of you ! A true class act and great workmanship !!! Thanks again, and well wishes for you and your baby.”
-David G.


“I apologize for this belated note, but wanted to make you all aware of how thrilled I am with the new trailer. After a few quick and easy adjustments the trailer fit like a glove and Old’s Cool has settled nicely in and onto her over the road transport. We haven’t taken any extended trips yet but my around the block excursions have been great.

As you can see in the attached photos they are a beautiful pairing!

Thanks again very, very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I’ll be singing your company’s praises loud and long!”
-Bob M.

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Load Master Co. Ltd
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
 by Roy

I could not have had a better experience with you. You promised me an "awesome trailer" and you delivered! I especially appreciated your honest opinions and recommendations during the design phase. I am so glad I found y'all. And I do truly feel it was a good value for a trailer of this quality!

Thanks For Everything!

 by Christopher Och

After purchasing our trailer, I followed your directions explicitly for the lug nuts on my travels back home and guess what?, no issues at all. While the drive out and back was long it was worth it. You can really see the difference it the trailer you build vs the stock trailers at the boat dealer. Thanks again for everything!

 by dean
customer service

dealing strictly by phone and internet, their service is beyond reproach!!

 by Scott

Gary and crew,

Just a quick note to tell you and the guys that you all build one sweet trailer.  I picked the boat up in British Columbia, Canada this week, and drove it 800 miles on the trailer----no problems with loading and everything was great.  Matter of fact, all those crazy Canadians above the border were more impressed with my trailer than my boat!!  I have the boat at my cabin in Montana and will start the rehab.  Once again, thanks for the quality of the trailer---well done and send my best to all those biker dudes that work for you.

Thanks again my friend and keep in touch.

 by Mike A

Hello Gary,

Great trailer by the way. When the boat and trailer are in my driveway, I have had people stop that I did not know just to look at the trailer as they said they are in the market for a new one.

Thanks Guys.

 by Mike

Hi all,

Just a quick email letting all of you know that the trip home yesterday was uneventful.  The trailer pulled perfectly and I had to force myself to remember that there was a trailer attached.  

Per Gary Sr. instructions I stopped at 30 minutes, 1 hour and an hour and a half to tighten lug nuts without issue.  I will continue to monitor and tighten as appropriate.

Thanks again for building this fabulous trailer and I will be sure to follow up with pictures of the boat loaded and a testimonial.

 by Bart A

Megan and Gary:  

I would like to thank you for building my trailer.  This is the best built trailer I have ever had;  towing home across the turnpike running 80 mph without any problems.  Brakes worked wonderful and the trailer tracked steady and true.  I followed all of your instructions about tightening lug nuts after 1/2 hour running.  In the other hour of running, after checking them, they were perfect.  I was so impressed when you took us through the building of a trailer.  It was very impressive.  Being in the steel industry for 41 years, I noticed the cold bending of the main angles was spot on.  Your welds were ground smooth with no slag holes and shaped perfect angles to the steel.  The paint was perfect, no orange peel and just a quality job.  I am glad I upgraded to all stainless hardware.  This makes a world of difference.  All in all I would like to thank you for building me a top quality trailer.  At this time I would like to thank you again for your warm hospitality and kindness to two people you never met before.  I will tell everybody that I know who wants a trailer to look you up on the net and deal with good people like you.   In closing, thank you very much.

 by Jeff S

Dear Loadmaster Trailer Company,

During a big storm, a large oak tree fell on and crushed my boat trailer.  I was desperate to find another trailer that would support my older heavy 23.5 Four Winns Sundowner boat.  I needed a sturdy good looking trailer that was well made.  After searching the internet, I came upon your website.  I filled out and submitted the online form to see Loadmaster could accommodate me.  The next day, Liz contacted me to inform me that it would not be a problem to build a custom trailer to match my boat’s hull specifications.  After listening to Liz explain to me how the trailers are made and what options were available, I decided to go with Loadmaster Trailer Company.  Liz walked me through every step.  Taking my phone calls, answering emails, and even matching the color of my boat to the color of the trailer!  Now that is a custom trailer!!!

Pick up was a breeze.  The staff at Loadmaster went over the entire trailer and all mechanisms with me before I left the parking lot.  They even called me during my long journey home to make sure that everything was going great while towing my new trailer for the first time.  It tracked perfectly and didn’t bounce and rattle like my old trailer.

Liz and the staff have been there to take my calls and answer my questions even after the sale!

In my opinion, Loadmaster is the best custom made, affordable, and quality made trailer on the market. 

I highly recommend to anyone looking to replace an old boat trailer, or any other trailer, to contact the staff at Loadmaster Trailer Company in Port Clinton, Ohio.  You won’t be sorry!!!

 by Bob S


The boat fit perfectly. The boat and trailer are safe and sound in Anchorage. Thirty five hundred miles of road conditions, both good and bad. The trailer performed flawlessly. It made the journey uneventful.

 by Rich S


            I have to say it was truly an amazing experience. Your team of professionals really pulled it off! I was very impressed with the way Gary Jr. walked me thru everything on the trailer, and even helped adjust the trailer brake in my truck, worked like a champ! I made the trip all the way up to Lindsay Ontario, loaded the boat onto the trailer, and she fit perfectly, everyone was very impressed with the trailer. This being my first time pulling a 27 foot boat behind me from Ontario all the way back to Wisconsin, I have to say I was “white Knuckling” the drive for the first couple of hours until I was used to it. Two gas fill ups later, and I forgot I was pulling the boat, she rode that smooth! Thank you for an outstanding job!

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