Sailboat Trailers

All sailboats are diverse and unique, and for that very reason it is imperative that your boat trailer fits your vessel’s hull and keel exactly. Whether your keel is a swing, bulb, full, fixed, fin, shoal, wing or retractable, your custom sailboat trailer will be designed to effectively support and protect the keel. Also, properly placed screwpads or treated lumber bunks will support your sailboat’s hull and bulkheads. This ensures the safe and sturdy transport of your precious rig! Our trailers are also designed to make loading and launching as easy and pain-free as possible. Some options we use to make this possible include keel rests, keel guides, tongue extensions, side guides, and more!

Floating On and Off, or Hoisting On and Off the Trailer

Many customers want a sailboat trailer that allows their sailboat to seamless float on and off the trailer once it has been backed into the water. We work with you during the design process to make sure we build the trailer suitably for your needs, taking into account the ramps you typically use, water depth, tides, etc. Oftentimes we will design or create new options to remove the stress that is often felt when you find yourself facing the launching ramp. We also have plenty of options to suit your personal sailing lifestyle!

You may also choose to have your sailboat hoisted on and off the trailer. If this is the case, you will want to choose the screwpad style support system, as it also allows for further adjustability when working on the sailboat’s hull.

Loadmaster sailboat trailers have a number of standard features that come with all of our custom trailers. To make your sailboat trailer truly unique, we also offer a range of options to choose from.

  • Custom painting for freshwater use
  • Galvanize your custom trailer for salt water use
  • Mast Carriers and/or ladders
  • Pull pin style tongue extension or large separate extensions
  • Front Idler axles
  • Bunks with or without Sling Pockets
  • Structural Screwpads set for the bulkheads on your boat

The Saltwater Experience

If you plan to use your custom sailboat trailer in salt water, we can provide you with the entire Salt Water Series which can be adapted to suit your launching style. Our mig-welded C-Channel steel trailer frames and parts are manufactured and welded, then sent to get hot-dip galvanized after construction. This ensures that the entire trailer is as corrosion-resistant as possible while providing you with strength that will never be offered by an aluminum trailer.

  • Galvanizing (All galvanization services come with a 5-year warranty)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Freshwater brake flush kit or numerous Disc brake options
  • All LED lights and More!

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