Standard Features

Every Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD boat trailer is built to order and designed to accommodate your boat’s specifications and also your boating lifestyle and needs. Strip away the customization, however, and you have the strongest most durable frame and parts that will hold up as long as you need them to. Here is a list of standard features found on every customized trailer, regardless of the type, size and length of watercraft it is designed to support.

Structural C-Channel Steel Frame

You won’t find any bolted aluminum parts, nor will you find a tube steel frame.  Aluminum just doesn’t provide the strength we require for our trailers and it is impossible to prime or paint the inside of a tube steel frame, allowing moisture to become trapped, creating rust that occurs from the inside, out.

Instead, we only work with structural, mig-welded, c-channel steel due to its strength and durability. Our trailers are mig-welded then painted or galvanized post-fabrication.  Our frame sizes are 4”, 6”, 8” and 8” with a 3” reinforcement bridge.

All-Wheel Electric Drum Brakes

Your trailer will be designed to slow down and stop when you need it to, ensuring a safe and better towing experience. Also, unlike surge brakes, all-wheel electric brakes are completely legal in all 50 states and throughout Canada. They are submersible, activate quickly and work in conjunction with your foot brake in forward and reverse. We also have other brake options available such as surge drum or disc, and electric over hydraulic, drum or disc.

Adjustable Bunking

Your trailer’s bunking will be set specifically for your boat’s hull to ensure protection of the keel, stringers, strakes, intakes, steps and fiberglass or wood. All of our bunks are crafted from specially-treated lumber that is routed at the edges and then covered with marine grade carpet. We also offer bunk glides.

Structural Anti-Skid Fenders

Step up and secure your boat without worrying about slipping. Our fenders are structural steel, that are painted or galvanized to match your trailer.

Primed and Painted with Custom Pinstripes

We use an epoxy primer, polyurethane paint and clear-coat to give your trailer a polished appearance and protection from the elements and water damage. We then hand paint pin-stripes in the color of your choice for a stylish look that is always ready for the road, lake or sea. We can also galvanize your trailer for saltwater use, which is done post-fabrication to ensure longevity and strength in the harsh saltwater environment.

Safe-T-Lube, Drop Center Spring Axles

Your trailer will be perfectly balanced because we set the axles according to your boat’s center of gravity.  This allows us to regulate tongue weight and ensure your load is equally distributed across the trailer and axles.  Our standard axles are a drop center, allowing us to carry the boat weight inside the frame to create a smoother towing experience.  The equalizers between the axles also help to create memory from axle to axle, to reduce bumping or jarring.  We also offer torsion axles as an option.   The axle sizes we use are 3,500 lb., 6,000 lb., 7,000 lb., and 8,000 lb.

Submersible LED Lighting System

We have taken every precaution to ensure that your LED lights are always protected, even while your trailer is underwater.  All lights on our trailers are LED, including marker lights.

Radial Tires

Our custom boat trailers come equipped with heavy radial tires with silver coated or galvanized wheels for saltwater use.  We also offer numerous aluminum styles.  The tire sizes we offer are 15”C 5 lug, 15” D 6 lug, 16”E 6 or 8 lug, and 17.5” H 8 lug.

Heavy Duty Tongue Jacks

We offer tongue jacks that can withstand 1,500 lbs., 2,000 lbs., 5,000 lbs. or 12,000 lbs. of vertical lift.   Power tongue jacks are available as an option as well.

Adjustable Bow Stops and Winch Stands

All of our trailers come with bow stops that are designed specifically for each boat.  Our lighter capacity trailers are equipped with a 1,900 lb. winch with a 2” strap and hook.  The heavier trailers come equipped with a 3,200 lb. 2 speed manual winch with a 3” nylon strap and hook.  Power winches are also available as an upgrade.


Our standard couplers range in ball size from 2” to 2 5/16”.  We also offer a Pintle hitch, Gooseneck or Fifthwheel style set up.  The coupler sizes vary based on the GVWR of the trailer and the braking system you choose.

D.O.T Reflective Tape, Safety Features and Legalities

All Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD trailers receive the proper amounts of D.O.T. reflective tape (10,000 lbs. + GVWR) that will allow you to be noticed and operate well within the law. We also provide you with (2) safety chains, and a self-charging breakaway system to keep your trailer extra safe and secure on all electric style brake trailers. Vin #, certificate of origin and vin plate are all included as well. For our Canadian customers we provide the Recall Clearance Letter that is required.

Protected by Multiple Warranties

All of our trailers come with a three-year structural warranty, a one-year warranty on paint and tires and a five-year warranty on galvanizing.  The components on the trailer such as tongue jacks, winches, etc. have warranty papers that are passed on to you from the manufacturer of those products.