Performance/Go-Fast Hull Trailers

Want a trailer that looks as awesome as your boat? You’ve come to the right place! Loadmaster Trailers are all built to order and set up specifically for your boat’s hull. They are also meant to perfectly accommodate your boating lifestyle! Your performance boat is designed to achieve peak performance with features like notched transoms, sleek bows, extreme deadrises and stepped hulls; thus requiring a uniquely-designed boat trailer in order to haul it safely and securely. At Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD, we will provide you with a custom performance boat trailer that includes specific bunking configurations, as well as special bow stop and winch stands that will be designed to fit your boat’s exact configuration. The result is a sturdier haul, which will protect your boat’s integrity and appearance for any length of distance, as well as a simplified loading process.

Specialized Bunking for Extra Special Boats
The secret to building a trailer that is simple to use, trust-worthy and aesthetically pleasing is working one-on-one with each and every customer to determine their needs, as well as the needs of their boat. We design the bunking system according to the manufacturer specs, keeping strake locations, steps, intakes, thru-hulls and deadrise into account. We also discuss each aspect of the trailer with our customers to ensure we build a suitable trailer for their needs.

A performance boat with a step hull design will require specific bunking. This keeps the fiberglass from showing wear and tear along the step. All of our bunks are constructed from specially treated lumber that has been routed along the edges and then covered with marine carpet. We also offer slippery bunk glides. The result is a performance boat trailer that supports your boat’s hull perfectly, allowing you to easily load your boat onto the trailer without slowing you down!

Performance Boat Trailer Options

All of our custom boat trailers come with a range of standard features, but you can also choose from a variety of trailer options to suit your specific boat and towing needs.

  • Custom painting for freshwater usage
  • Hot-dip galvanization for saltwater use
  • Specialty performance and V-block bow stops and winch stands
  • Aluminum diamond plate on fenders and steps
  • Numerous Aluminum wheel design
  • Painted or Aluminum tool boxes
  • Specialty LED lights and underwater lights

For a performance hull trailer that offers the appropriate bunking and bow stop for your boat’s configuration, call or contact Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD for a fast quote. Call or submit a trailer request using the simple form on the right.