Repeat Customers We Call Friends

A huge benefit to working one on one with our customers for their trailer’s design is that we develop a business relationship, that often transforms into a friendship with them! The number of offers we receive to visit our customers all over the globe is humbling. We so appreciate the care and attention our customers place in working with us to build them a quality product!

Customers log on to our website and submit a form to request a quote on a trailer for their boat. Upon submission we either call or email them a quote specific for their boat and requests per the online form. Each form asks the customers how they heard about Loadmaster Trailer, and when we see “referral” or “previous customer” it makes our day! Those are the leads we love, because we know it’s all because of positive word of mouth experiences. Those people are the ones that often develop into friendships because they truly appreciate the care and effort we put into each trailer build and our customer service.

As a small, family-owned business, it is comforting to know that our customers really do appreciate all of our long hours and attention to detail. It’s a pretty rewarding feeding to know that if we were traveling and in need of a place to stay, we have many friends scattered around willing to open their front doors for us!