Cedar Point Boat Show

Recently we put a pretty sweet stack of trailers together for the Cedar Point Boat Show!  Although the show is relatively small in space, there were more boats than I could have imagined in the water for visitors to enjoy!  All of the exhibitors seemed excited about the interest level of the attendees and had wonderful feedback to utilize moving forward.
Boat shows are typically hit or miss for our company!  We usually blow people away with the stack we bring and the quality of our trailers but we never really know what to expect past that!  Luckily, this year, we had quite a few orders come in the days after the show and may have even built a relationship with a new dealer or two.
Erik Kyle of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine cornered Megan for an interview.  Without any preparations or notes, the interview went extremely well.  It really does pay off when someone is truly passionate about the product the build and sell and their family business.  See for yourself!

Repeat Customers We Call Friends

A huge benefit to working one on one with our customers for their trailer’s design is that we develop a business relationship, that often transforms into a friendship with them! The number of offers we receive to visit our customers all over the globe is humbling. We so appreciate the care and attention our customers place in working with us to build them a quality product!

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Towing In Style

Because we build each boat trailer to order, we are able to truly customize a trailer to our customer’s desired look and functionality. We offer numerous options, accessories, paint colors and aluminum wheel choices allowing our customers to pick and choose their trailer design. Each Loadmaster Trailer (for freshwater use) is painted in house so we can mix all the tints here to create an infinite range of color options.

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