Why Choose Loadmaster?


Each Loadmaster Trailer is built to order, for every customer, allowing us to work one-on-one with you to design a trailer that suits both your boat’s specifications and your needs. As the marine industry is evolving and storage, hoist and marina fees keep increasing, more customers are choosing to purchase a trailer than ever before! Tow vehicles are getting stronger, allowing consumers to safely tow larger vessels, increasing what is deemed a “trailerable boat”. We build for boats ranging from 16 -50’ in length and build trailers with GVWR of upwards of 36,000 lbs.

Many of the boats we build trailers for spend the majority of their life on the trailer. Because of this, it’s imperative that the trailer is strong enough to support the continual load, while also bunked properly to support the hull, keel, and required specifications from the boat’s manufacturer. If our customers tend to tow primarily at night they often want to be sure the trailer is well lit and visible, choosing to add mid-frame turn signals, back up lights, or additional marker lights. For our customers with heavy boats trailering long distances, they often want the strength and maneuverability of a gooseneck or fifthwheel. Of course the cosmetic choices such as paint colors, aluminum wheel choices, fancy tool boxes or walkways, all make the trailers look entirely unique and custom!

<h2style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Quality and Strength:

All Loadmaster Trailers are manufactured out of heavy C-Channel steel. The frame, cross-members and structural parts are all mig-welded for strength. We choose not to build our trailers out of tube/box steel because there is no way to prime or paint the inside of the frame, so it will rust from inside, out. Constructing our trailers out of C-Channel steel allows us to make sure the entire trailer is properly treated, coated and rust resistant either using our PPG paint system for freshwater use, or hot dip galvanizing process for saltwater use.

When comparing our trailers to aluminum I beam trailers, of course the steel is much stronger. The steel will add weight to the trailer, however this will prevent the trailer from floating like some aluminum I beam trailers do, as well as create strength to prevent the frame from flexing or bowing. The axles on our trailers are placed according to the boat’s center of gravity allowing us to set the tongue weight so you do not have to worry about trailer sway, and this creates a smooth towing experience. Our fenders are completely structural as well.

Customer Service

As a small, family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to our potential, existing and past customers. Since each trailer is built to order, you are working directly with us throughout the order and build process, not a middleman that is relaying information back and forth. We do our very best to respond to our customer quote requests within the same business day and to get back to all customer questions and requests for further information as soon as possible. We treat our employees and customers like family, and hope to add you to it!