Full Keel Lobster and Powerboats

At Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD, we specialize in custom boat trailers that are specifically designed to support your craft’s hull and match your towing lifestyle. Our full keel powerboat and lobster boat trailers will provide the perfect amount of support whether your boat is 17 or 50 feet in length, and will protect the hull from damage while the trailer is in use.

Full keel boat trailers require special consideration to ensure that they meet your needs perfectly. All of our custom trailers come with a strategic bunking style, a keel rest and keel guide that are made to order and built specifically to support your craft’s hull. The unique hulls of full keel boats and lobster boats require us to place additional bunking for added support. Our bunks are made from specially-treated lumber that are routed at the corners and then covered in marine carpet for proper support and hull safety.

Your trailer’s customization doesn’t stop at the bunking. We must take other factors into consideration to ensure maximum performance. For example, your craft’s keel, strake locations, intakes, thru-hulls and overall hull design must be carefully considered prior to the trailer manufacturing process to ensure that the boat is secure during transport and to prevent hull damage while the trailer is in use.

If your boat’s keel is truly unique, we will include a keel rest and/or a keel guide, which will be structurally welded onto the trailer itself. This will make the loading and launching process as easy as possible. If you plan to launch your lobster boat in the water, we can build a structural tongue extension to increase the amount of water depth to make the loading and launching process easier. We can also construct custom side guides, build a notchback end configuration if your boat happens to be a single board engine or provide you with an open back or fly back configuration if you need to protect twin props during the loading and launching process. If you plan to have your keeled boat hoisted on and off your Loadmaster trailer, we will build you sling pockets to allow the straps to be removed from underneath the hull.

Additional Options for Full-Customization

You can then further customize your boat trailer with a range of additional options. While each of our full keel powerboat trailers comes with a wide range of standard features, the following add-ons can help your trailer further meet your boat, cargo, and towing needs.

  • Custom painted for freshwater use or galvanized for saltwater usage
  • Stainless steel hardware and various Disc brake options for saltwater boats
  • Notchback end configuration for single inboard engines
  • Open back or fly back end configuration for twin-prop engines
  • Sling pockets, tongue extensions, and More

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