Tunnel Hull/Catamaran

The proper way to haul a tunnel hull or catamaran boat is on a custom-built bunk style trailer that supports the craft’s unique configuration. Our trailers offer the proper bunking system, which typically includes center supports down the middle of the frame, as well as outer bunking under the sponsons. We also design a sturdy bow stop and winch stand set-up unique to your boat’s front end configuration, in order to ensure safe travel and ease the process of loading your boat on the trailer.

At Loadmaster, we study your boat’s design and all manufacturers’ specifications in order to provide you with a high-quality trailer that specifically fits your boat’s hull and your needs. Each of our trailers is constructed from heavy, structural, mig-welded C-channel steel that is then painted or galvanized, after fabrication. Our bunks – which will not only support the boat, but allow for easy floating on and off the trailer – are built from treated lumber that has been specially routed at the edges and then covered in our marine carpet or slippery bunk glides. These distinctive features are included along with our standard trailer configurations.

Custom Tunnel Hull/Catamaran Trailer Options

We also offer numerous options, allowing you to design the perfect trailer for your boating lifestyle:

  • Custom painting for freshwater usage
  • Hot-dip galvanization for saltwater use
  • Extra length to accommodate specialty bow stop/winch stands
  • Front ladder assemblies for easy access to your boat
  • Numerous aluminum wheel options
  • Wide Range of storage box sizes and styles
  • Custom Walkways
  • Heavy Power Winches or Tongue Jacks

To receive a fast quote for a specially-fitted tunnel hull or catamaran trailer, please call 1-800-258-6115 or fill out the form on the right to receive a fast quote by email. Call or contact us today and don’t forget to ask about our new custom boat trailer financing options now available.