Custom Flatbeds

Our custom flatbed trailers are specifically designed to meet your unique towing needs. Whether you require a deck-over style, a ramp style, a wooden or metal deck; we will construct your flatbed trailer to your exact specifications based on the cargo you want to tow. We do not, however, build any enclosed trailers. Loadmaster flatbed trailers are mostly 8’6” wide, and can be built for numerous purposes: such as towing a car, 4-wheelers, snow mobiles, cargo, and more! We have built numerous flatbeds for landscaping companies requesting a stronger than average trailer for their business.

Axle and Tire Configurations

Depending on the weight you want to haul, we typically work with 3,500 lb, 6,000 lb, 7,000 lb, and 8,000 lb. axles and radial tires ranging from 15” 5 lug to 17.5” 8 lug. We will work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure that we understand your needs, the type of cargo you plan to haul, your payload requirements and the type of towing lifestyle you lead. This will allow you to tow your trailer for any length of distance safely and securely every time.

Flatbed Trailer Options

All of our trailers are built to be 8’6” wide and typically not shorter than 17’ in length. In addition to our quality standard features that we put into every custom trailer we manufacture, we also offer a wide variety of options to further enhance your trailer and protect your cargo.

  • Custom painted for freshwater use or galvanized for salt water usage
  • All stainless hardware
  • Diamond plate walkways
  • Numerous Tool boxes
  • Heavy Ratchet or Automatic tie downs mounted to the flatbed
  • Ramp storage underneath the flatbed deck

Whatever type of cargo you plan to haul, Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD in Port Clinton, Ohio will construct a custom flatbed trailer that will perform and last as long as you need it to. From our mig-welded C-channel steel frames to our heavy spring or torsion axles, you can feel safe and secure towing anything you desire.

For a fast quote on a custom flatbed trailer designed just for you, call or contact Loadmaster Trailer Company LTD today. Please call or use the handy form on the right hand side to receive a quote by email and don’t forget to ask about our new custom boat trailer financing options now available.